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Safety Safety Safety


Why we’re Australia’s safest freeze-dried breast milk service…

At The Milk Fairy, we're proud to share every detail when it comes to how we handle your breast milk.

Our Process @ The Milk Fairy Freeze Dried Breast Milk Australia
"We're mums too, we know that keeping our little ones safe and healthy is the most important thing in the world."
Initial quality control and tracking.
Weighing, sterilising and bacterial testing.
Individualised Freeze-Drying Process
‘Clean Room’ Sterile Packaging
Final Quality Control Checks, Water Activity Measurement and final Bacterial Test

Medical Grade Shipping & Live GPS Tracking

MediPort, renowned for its extensive experience in transporting temperature-sensitive items for hospitals across Australia. Pair this with Live GPS tracking for peace of mind from start to finish.

Your Order, Your Freeze-dryer.

At no point is any batch of mother's milk processed simultaneously with another. Each order undergoes individual processing in dedicated freeze dryers situated within a sterile, class 2 environment

Barcoding, Bacterial Testing

Fool-proof barcoding and bacterial testing protocol ensures guaranteed secure handling from initiation to completion.